Clown Cabaret

August 8, 2011

The Shop at Fort Fringe - 607 New York Ave NW

featuring: Chris Davis: The Renaissance Man, Drew Richardson: Drew the Dramatic Fool, Michael Rosman, Steven Lampredi, Rich Potter, and Matthew Pauli

*performers subject to change*

Drew Richardson

Drew Richardson (aka Drew the Dramatic Fool) is best known as the first person in the 21st century to have new short silent movies shown before major motion pictures. Besides being a silent film star in the wrong century, Drew has been creating solo stage shows for the past twenty five years, which he has performed from Austin to Austria. He first studied visual comedy theatre with John Towsen at Ohio University, and later with Jacques Lecoq in Paris. As a guest-teaching artist, Drew has taught for many universities, festivals, and theatre companies including Point Park Conservatory for Performing Arts, University of Michigan, MotionFest, QuestFest, and 500 Clown. Drew is currently an artist-in-residence at the Baltimore Theatre Project, where his new show, “What The Fool?!?” premieres in June.
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Michael Rosman



Chris Davis

The Renaissance Man is (really) Christopher Davis; actor, author and comedian. In an effort to put his degree in Philosophy from Villanova University to the best possible use, he’s been entertaining and educating audiences of all ages since 1988. Shakespeare, Poe, Dickens, Greek Mythology and Kipling provide his material for interactive school programs which make history and literature more accessible and enjoyable, while giving audience members a chance to take a meaningful role in the performance. Oh...and juggling!

Steven Lampredi

Steven considers himself to be a very silly person. As a member of Ship’s Company Chanteymen he has sung traditional songs at historical festivals around the Mid- Atlantic for the past fifteen years. He is also the founder and artistic director of New Old Theater which has been reviving melodramas and farces from the 1800’s. (