Clown Cabaret

November 8, 2010

The Shop at Fort Fringe - 607 New York Ave NW

featuring: Mark Jaster & Sabrina Mandell, Pat Cashin, Mark Lohr,
Rich Potter, and Matthew Pauli
Emcee: Karen Beriss

*performers subject to change*

Diz & Izzy Aster : Vaudeville's Late Bloomers

In the tradition of Burns & Allen, Ball & Arnaz, Seeley & Fields, this offbeat couple brings their baggage to the stage in harmonies from Between-the-Wars and cheery songs of the Great Depression. Slapstick comedy, ukulele and musical saw in a sweet little music hall show.

"...the dual charisma of Mark Jaster and Sabrina Mandell—here, Izzy and Diz Aster, respectively—Happenstance mines the physical idioms of Marceau, Chaplin, and Harpo Marx to produce a wildly loopy, fourth-wall-busting show that offers its audience a reprieve from the economic doldrums." - The Washington City Paper

Pat Cashin

Professor Patrick “Pat” Cashin (born Mrs. Rabbi Moische Leftkowitz) grew up in a small house at the bottom of a lake in suburban New Jersey. In 1933 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the invention of ice cube flavored underarm deodorant.

The esteemed Professor began his long show business career as a ventriloquist in silent films. He holds the Guinness World Record for eating the greatest number of french bread pizzas while standing in a canoe (one). He is the only theoretical physicist to have won the Kentucky Derby three times, and one of only seven to have been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Country Artist of the Year.

Yet despite all his many achievements the Professor still puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like you. However, unlike you, he does so over his head.

Pat Cashin

Mark Lohr

Mark Lohr

At an early age Mark Lohr was inspired by the Great silent Comics Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy. He was also a huge fan of the Three Stooges and Abbott and Costello! Over 2 decades ago he ran away and joined the Circus and has never looked back! He now travels the world entertaining the likes of Mickey Mouse, audiences of Cirque de Solei, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as 2007 and 2009 attendees of the Kimtom International Clown Festival in Shanghai China! He has toured most of North America and Parts of China either with Circus, Symphonies, Festivals; Corporate Events (Disney, IBM, AOL, etc) and has performed on national Television as Part of the PBS broadcast of the Washington Opera’s performance of “I Pagliachi”. Mark is now based in the Washington DC Metro Area performing and teaching globally living with his beautiful wife Lisa and 5 wonderful children.

Rich Potter

Rich Potter has performed in 21 different countries, and is still welcome back in most of them. David Letterman called him "Inspirational." Tipper Gore merely thought he was "Fantastic." But what better way to describe this veteran of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Disneyland, Renaissance faires, corporate shows, arts festivals, and state & county fairs? His unique physical comedy combined with an ability to sound like an idiot in nearly a dozen languages has opened doors all over the world (poorly manufactured latches may also be responsible). His 2010 command performances at Catalunya, Spain's "Cabaret Cabron" inspired him to pitch in with Washington, DC's fledgling Clown Cabaret. Rich is a graduate of the Ringling Bros'. Clown College, Avner Eisenberg's Eccentric Performing course, and Spain's new Nouveau Clown Institute.

Matthew Pauli

Matthew Pauli is a 1991 graduate of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and has been clowning ever since. He appears regularly at corporate events, street festivals, fairs and picnics and in his stage shows. His work as a clown has taken him around the U.S. and as far as Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Since 1999, he has been proud to be part of the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Program, performing at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. For 6 years he toured with The Big Apple Circus sharing the role of Grandma with creator and International Clown Hall of Fame inductee Barry Lubin.

Karen Beriss

Karen Beriss has been a professional magician for over 15 years. Performing at trade shows around the world, her magic and dry sense of humor - combined with corporate messaging skills - have captured the eyes of the press including National Public Radio, Market Place and The Wall Street Journal.  She is super excited to have just joined the Big Apple Circus Clown Care program performing at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.  Karen is a regular at The Comedy Zone in Washington DC.  She trained in improv and acting with Second City in New York.  And she has performed for celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Kirstie Alley, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, the Washington Capitals and Robert Goulet.  Most recently she worked with Leon Redbone. Plus, Karen’s mom thinks Karen is funny – so it must be true.


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