Clown Cabaret

   September 9, 2013

Clown Cabaret
Regular performance at
607 New York Ave. NW Washington DC

Featuring: Toby&Rachel Mulford •
Sammie and Tudie • James "Crickett" McGrath •
Toasty Poocracker
• Rich Potter • Matthew Pauli • Dayle Hodge

Karen Beriss emcees

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*performers subject to change*


Toby and Rachel Mulford

Rachel is an actor, and a proud Associated Artist of Faction of Fools. She appeared in Accept Me If You Love Me, a play from Peru in its US premier in July 2011.

Toby Mulford is an educator, actor, musician, and playwright specializing in ensemble-created physical theater. He is the Managing Director of Faction of Fools Theatre Company, where he has performed in Romeo & Jluiet and A Commedia Christmas Carol, as well as directingThe Lady Becomes Him. He is also the Associate Artistic Director of the Traveling Players Ensemble, where he started a five-week Commedia dell'Arte summer program for teenagers. He holds an MFA in ensemble-based physical theater from the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre, where he co-created over a dozen original works. Other credits include Roundhouse Theatre, BigHeadHouse, the Vagabond Acting Troupe, the International Opera Company, and Tribe of Fools.

Toby and Rachel Mulford at Clown Cabaret in Washington DC


Sammie and Tudie

Sammie and Tudie at Clown Cabaret in Washington DC

Sammie and Tudie have been comedy partners since 1991, when they were founding members of a theater company in San Francisco, and were drawn to the world of clowning together. Performing at such diverse places like NY City Opera, Jazz at Lincoln Center, The Children's Museum of the East End, Education Alliance of NY, Garden of Dreams, Victorian Gardens Amusement Park, Tribeca Film Festival and even The Farm Sanctuary. Together they have created the most successful family entertainment duo act in NYC! They perform at hundreds of events in the New York area each year and bring laughter to thousands. They are children's book authors with their award winning book "Be A Thinker Not A Stinker, A story for kids and the big people they love."

If you visit their website….you can make them dance!



The V Girls

The V-girls are five sisters who all happened to be born into the same family and have been performing together since they were slightly younger than they are now. Their ages vary--but they're all old enough to know better. Performances include unicycling, juggling, and clown gags at such events as the Maryland Rennaisance Festival, the local Roller Derby, and Festa Italiana in Washington, D.C.


The V Girls at Clown Cabaret September 9 2013 at Fort Fringe in Washington DC


Toasty Poocracker

Paul Reisman at Clown Cabaret April 2013

Toasty Poocracker is an actor, educator, graphic and web designer, and clown. Recent acting credits include a national tour with the American Shakespeare Center of The Taming of the Shrew, The Merchant of Venice, and Henry Vin repertory; Richard III and Pride & Prejudice with the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ; Proof with TheatreFest; A Midsummer Night's Dream with the American Globe Theatre; and the film Cult of Sincerity, recently broadcast on PBS. He has also taught workshops and classes in Classical Text, Acting Shakespeare, and Clown as a teaching artist for the Shakespeare Theatre Company and at other venues including Broadway Theatre Workshop, Knox College, and The Center for Baroque & Renaissance Studies' summer program. He received his MFA at the Shakespeare Theatre Company's Academy for Classical Acting at The George Washington University. BFA, Montclair State University.


James "Crickett" McGrath

A multi-talented dynamo, audiences both familiar and unfamiliar with sideshow and burlesque have all been delighted and amazed by his antics. No audience is too large or small, Crickett is sure to be a hit whether he's using his unparalleled juggling sticks, hosting the show, or simply eating a block of tofu.

Crickett (James McGrath) at Clown Cabaret September 9 2013 at Fort Fringe in Washington DC


Dayle Hodge

Dayle Hodge at Clown Cabaret September 9 2013 at Fort Fringe in Washington DC

Dayle has been a square dance caller for the past 30 years. And before you ask, yes, people still square dance. He is the owner and co-host of the Square Dance Radio Network. Dayle is also co-owner of Benxing Entertainment, a sweatshop in Columbia producing fun and educational games for children. Dayle doesn't sleep much.



Matthew Pauli

Matthew Pauli, co-Producer of Clown Cabaret, is a 1991 graduate of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and has been clowning ever since. He appears regularly at corporate events, street festivals, fairs and picnics and in his stage shows. His work as a clown has taken him around the U.S. and as far as Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Since 1999, he has been proud to be part of the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Program, performing at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. For 6 years he toured with The Big Apple Circus sharing the role of Grandma with creator and International Clown Hall of Fame inductee Barry Lubin.

Matthew Pauli Clown Cabaret

Karen Beriss

Karen Beriss

Karen Beriss, co-producer and emcee of this month's Clown Cabaret has been a professional magician for over 15 years. Performing at trade shows around the world, her magic and dry sense of humor - combined with corporate messaging skills - have captured the eyes of the press including National Public Radio, Market Place and The Wall Street Journal. She is super excited to have just joined the Big Apple Circus Clown Care program performing at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Karen is a regular at The Comedy Zone in Washington DC. She trained in improv and acting with Second City in New York. And she has performed for celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Kirstie Alley, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, the Washington Capitals and Robert Goulet. Most recently she worked with Leon Redbone. Plus, Karen’s mom thinks Karen is funny – so it must be true.


Rich Potter

Rich Potter is a co-producer and frequent performer for Clown Cabaret. He's studied with Ringling Bros, Maine's Celebration Barn Theater, and Nouveau Clown Institute in Barcelona, Spain, and still hasn't attained his dream of knowing nothing.

His appearances on the David Letterman Show, at the Vice Presidential Mansion, in Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and other domestic venues and in dozens of other countries have gotten him a laugh or two.


Rich Potter as Guido, Clown Cabaret
Photo Credit: Silly Human Tricks Photography