Clown Cabaret

Clown Cabaret

A performance laboratory for

Clowns on the cutting edge
in the Nation's Capital

Next show Sept 9 2013 Fort Fringe

Clown Cabaret: Comedy theater in Washington DC

Get tickets: Clown Cabaret at Fort Fringe Washington DC.

Clown Cabaret September 8, 2014 at the Shop at Fort Fringe!





Clown Cabaret
September 8, 2014 show

Will feature:

Drew Richardson
Mandy Dalton
Rich Potter
The Lohr Family Circus
Karen Beriss
Matthew Pauli
And more surprises!

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• September clown bios!
• Past months' Clowns!

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Join us the SECOND MONDAY of MANY MONTHS at 8pm for a bucket full of laughs!

ALL for only 12 bucks!


People talk about
"those clowns in DC."

We reclaim that epithet
from those impostors
on Capitol Hill!

DC's (sort of) monthly
Clown Cabaret provides
Comedy, the Surreal, and Sublime to theatergoers
in Washington DC

You: Show up,
play along, and laugh.
You'll be glad you did.

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