Clown Cabaret

Clown Cabaret

Unconventional comedy
in Washington DC

Clown Cabaret: Comedy theater in Washington DC

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8pm Showtime. 15 bucks
($12 with a Fringe pin)

Clown Cabaret at
The Logan/Fringe Arts Space
1358 Florida Ave. NE, Washington DC

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Come see "The Heist" at Joe's Movement Emporium
FEBRUARY 5 @7pm!
(this was scheduled for
Jan. 22 but rescheduled due to Snowmageddon 2016)Clown Cabaret in The Heist at Joe's Movement Emporium in Mount Rainier, MD as well as our regular show at Logan/Fringe Arts Space

(Our regular cabaret show will be Feb. 8 at Fringe, as planned)

Our 2016 Indiegogo campaign has (officially) ended. Thanks to all our supporters!

You may still donate to keep Clown Cabaret's "monthly" shows running!

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Clown Cabaret

2016 season

at The Logan/Fringe Arts Space

February 8 show will feature:
Hot & Bothered
Stephon Walker
Francisco Benavides
Marsha Gallagher
Matthew Kaiser
And other surprises!

More on our performers:
• February clown bios!
• Past Shows
• Poster (to share on social media)
• smaller poster

Join us the SECOND MONDAY of MANY MONTHS at 8pm for a bucket full of laughs!

ALL for only 15 bucks!


People talk about
"those clowns in DC."

We reclaim that epithet
from those impostors
on Capitol Hill!

DC's (sort of) monthly
Clown Cabaret provides
Comedy, the Surreal, and Sublime to theatergoers
in Washington DC

You: Show up,
play along, and laugh.
You'll be glad you did.

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